Achladies Apartments

Alexander & Pavlina Karvounis

Our History

The Achladies Apartments were the first Apartments for rent in the bay of Achladies in Skiathos.Therefore, we kept our original name for over 30 years, since we mainly work with personal recommendation advertising. The Apartments are run by Alexander and Pavlina Karvounis and their family. We have several repeat clients that have been staying with us for over 20 years. We have had clients refering to our place as "a little bit of Paradise".

Our gardens have been called the "Secret Gardens" of Skiathos, "a Hidden Paradise" because of their location here at Achladies bay. The Achladies Apartments stay somewhat hidden from the main road and can be clearly seen only from the sea. If we were to have chosen another name, it would be "Shangrila", a place in the novel of James Hilton's "Lost Horizon". All that is visible from the road side, is the reception (first) floor and the parking lot.

We feel that the location of the Achladies Apartments is perfect for someone who does not want to be leaving the beach early. You can go back and forth with hardly any effort, while staying in our Apartments. Our family lives here on the island of Skiathos and can help you with any problems that might occure while staying here. We speak both English and Greek.

There are several Super-Markets located in our area. They can deliver to your door, without further charges. We also have a boat taxi that runs 20 minute rides from our beach to the town of Skiathos and back. We are located 3 kms from the town.

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